Lincoln Coach Company

The two main services we offer will come in the form of the normal minibus and also the Lincoln Coach Company Hire service as well. We will offer them both separately and also simultaneously as well. These are normally for people in the range of sixteen people plus for the coach hire and also eight to fourteen people for the minibus hire service.

A coach may be suited simply because the journey is long distance. This is because a coach can offer more facilities than a minibus e.g. indoor toilet, DVD players, fridges and many other extras. Such services may also offer you overnight availability.

The service you require will depend on the specified need and one good example we can give includes where there is a great deal of luggage involved. This could be for airport journeys and also sports events as well as conference journeys as well. The best form of transport could be minibus where more than one can be hired and it could even work out more effective.

We feel it is very important for our customer service team to help you make the right decision, by providing as much information as possible regarding your transaction in order for you to make an educated decision.